9 Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Of all renovations, small bathroom renovations can present the most challenges. Options can seem limited, and it’s hard to picture changing a tiny space into something modern and pleasing. Yet, with the right storage and design, you don’t have to skimp on style or functionality.


To make the most out of your space, we’ve handpicked the best 9 bathroom renovation ideas for small bathrooms to ensure you can have the dream bathroom you’ve always wanted.


Modern Bathroom Ideas1) Think vertically for your small bathroom renovation design


Start close to the ground and work your way up. This is true for pictures, storage units, lighting and so forth.


Because your eyes are drawn both up and down, your bathroom will immediately feel larger. Wall space above the toilet, at the end of a tub or above a door is often neglected. By adding shelving in any of these locations, you’ll increase the functionality of your bathroom without taking up precious space. Keep in mind that these locations might suit things you use less often or items children don’t need to reach.


2) Add full walled mirrors to make your modern small bathroom look big


Adding a mirror across an entire wall can double the look and feel of the bathroom. Choose a wall opposite a window to take advantage of the additional lighting it will provide or near a light to create a lovely ambience.


If a full walled mirror is not possible in your bathroom, choosing an oversized mirror or adding multiple mirrors can have the same effect. Also, keep in mind that mirrors can add hidden storage space. If you’re opting for the multiple mirror option, consider adding one that’s a medicine cabinet.


3) Choose a wall-mounted toilet and vanity for your small bathroom

Modern Bathroom Auckland


Floor space in small bathrooms can feel like very pricy real estate, and taking up too much of it can make your bathroom feel even more cramped. If you’re able, opt for a built-in toilet tank to save floor space and legroom and give your bathroom a modern and clean look.


Consider this idea for your vanity and faucet too. A wall-mounted floating vanity keeps the floor clean, and with the right design choice, you can still get your much-needed storage. Wall-mounted faucets provide the same cleanliness and openness to your vanity, and you’ll be amazed at how much space they can free up.


4) Lose the shower curtain to make your small bathroom feel like a luxury bathroom


This one is a no-brainer. Not only are shower curtains hard to clean and always find a way to stick to you when you’re showering, but they’re also a visual eyesore and close off a large portion of your bathroom. By replacing your shower curtain with a frameless glass pane, you’ll immediately notice how much larger and lighter your bathroom feels.


If you’re not ready to say goodbye to your shower curtain, there are still ways to make your small bathroom look larger. Firstly, find a way to tuck the shower curtain out of the way when not in use, preferably behind the shower or tub, like you would tuck a window curtain away. Secondly, pick a light earthy tone that blends in well with the rest of the bathroom.


5) Consider a pocket door when renovating your small bathroom


This change is more labour-intensive than the other tips but well worth your time and money. By switching from a swing entry door to a pocket door, you’ll gain a significant amount of usable space that was dead space before. To install a pocket door, you can either open up your wall to create the pocket or look for a surface-mounted sliding door, such as a barn door, that can be attached without major renovations.


Keep in mind, this fix doesn’t have to be just for the main entry door. If you have a storage closet in the bathroom, a pocket door can be just as beneficial here. Just keep in mind, if you have hooks on the back of your door, you’ll have to find a new spot to hang your towels or robe.


bathroom planner





6) For a spacious small bathroom, trick your eyes with dark floors and light walls


Being clever with colours is a must in small bathrooms. Dark walls can make your already small bathroom feel claustrophobic. Whereas bright and light colours will reflect light and allow your bathroom to feel larger.


However, in saying that, by using a dark wood floor, you can give your bathroom a warm and serene atmosphere without making your bathroom feel smaller. If you have tiles in your shower, try and match the wood in colour and tone. This will create an illusion of a continuous floor and also make your small bathroom feel larger.


7) Add a tiled accent wall to your small bathroom renovation plan


Tiles are a great way to add personality, colour and style to your bathroom without breaking the bank or committing to a long term design. In a small bathroom, tiles can also provide much-needed depth and interest without overwhelming it.


Our favourite way to use tiles in a small bathroom is to run the bathroom tile straight into the shower stall or unused wall. If you use a bright pattern, be sure to keep the rest of your walls a basic light colour, so you don’t dilute the effect or make the space too busy.


Bathroom renovation auckland8) It’s all about storage when renovating small bathrooms


We’ve mentioned storage a few times already. However, in a small bathroom, storage is so important it well deserves its own mention. A few tips to increase storage smartly and elegantly include:



  • Use a shower niche to create an aesthetically pleasing place to put your shampoo and conditioner without using a clunky shower basket.
  • Install a narrow ledge along an entire wall of the bathroom. Here, you can place your essentials and decorations.
  • Consider a cabinet that’s the same colour and style as your wall. You’ll hardly even know it’s there.
  • Don’t forget about how you’re storing things within the cabinets. By keeping your cabinets tidy and easy to use, you’ll be much more likely to keep a clutterless bathroom.


9) Use curves and corners to your advantage when considering small bathroom renovation ideas


Oftentimes corners create dead space and are left untouched. By fitting a sink or vanity into the corner and then rounding the outer edge of it, you’ll create a soft and pleasing look. Plus, you won’t have to worry about bumping into the sharp edge when you’re in a hurry. This idea can also be replicated for showers and storage.


Modern bathrooms designers are turning more and more to using abstract shapes to take advantage of tricky bathroom layouts. So hop on board and see how a uniquely designed shower can completely change the look and feel of your small bathroom.


Ready? Start your small bathroom renovation today!


Hopefully, the list above inspired you to start thinking about how you’ll turn your small bathroom into a thing of beauty. If you’re ready to chat with a professional, get in touch with Bathroom Craft today, and they’ll walk you through all the steps of creating your dream modern bathroom.


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