Sound Bathroom Design is Essential

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house. Sound design and sense of space are all important factors to consider when designing your Bathroom.

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Bathroom Design

In terms of sound bathroom design there are some essential things that every bathroom needs to function properly but can sometimes be overlooked. Check out our top tips below for a well designed functional bathroom.

Plenty of storage

It’s important to have some good storage space provided for in your Bathroom, for example, the ideal place to store toiletries is the shaving cabinet as they are at your line of sight. They are generally quite shallow so you can see everything at a glance. You could potentially create a storage wall that runs the complete length of the bathroom and includes a lower mirrored cabinet for the kids.

 Ventilation Bathroom Ideas

Bathrooms are “wet areas” For that reason all “wet areas” need ventilation. Steamy showers, running sinks, flushing toilets and occasional drips all add to the humidity. With lots of moisture comes potential problems like mould and mildew, unpleasant smells, peeling wallpaper, cracking on walls etc.

Even if you have good ventilation always use an exhaust fan when showering making sure the suction is adequate to dissipate the moisture and steam. If you don’t have good ventilation in the bathroom you could consider a roof window or skylight to improve the ventilation.

Easy Clean

Ensuring you have minimal surface areas will help to reduce the cleaning required. Having a wall hung toilet suite with lower casing to the wall will eliminate having to clean in behind in all the little gaps behind a traditional toilet. Havings smaller grout joints will also help and larger tiles mean fewer grout lines to clean.

Bathroom Wall Mirror Natural light

Light bright and cheerful is desired in any bathroom. They feel warmer and more inviting. Where natural light is not possible in a bathroom look at using uplights to bounce light around the ceilings and walls of the bathroom.

A good-sized mirror is also very effective is distributing light around the bathroom. It’s also a great illusion to create a sense of more space and a larger bathroom.


Position of Vanity

A common mistake is to have the toilet on display as soon as you enter the bathroom. Set your bathroom up to showcase the vanity, bath or shower and give the toilet some privacy.

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