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Bathroom Design and Bathroom Ideas



You will get to the bathroom you want faster if you help yourself clarify your thoughts up front, before talking to a company of experts (like Bathroom Craft!) to execute the project for you.


Let’s consider some important concepts for any successful bathroom renovation.

Interior Design

This basically has to do with the outlook or appearance of your bathroom. Interior design as a part of the bathroom renovation process is the perfect way to give your bathroom that fantastic appearance you envisage. Here is where you have the flexibility of giving us your design idea or taste which we’ll work with you to bring forth something amazing.

We can give your bathroom that incredible and elegant interior design that’ll perfectly depict your style. Not only do we give you a gorgeous bathroom interior design, but we also renovate to make your bathroom feel comfortable for you.

FlooringTiled Bathroom

The basement of your bathroom is another important part to renovate when considering a renovation. Basically, the common choice of bathroom flooring tiles, this is because it is waterproof.

Floor tiles come in various designs, textures and quality. At Bathroom Craft, we can help you with the selection of the best and most suitable products for your bathroom.

PlumbingBathrooms Auckland

At Bathroom Craft, we have expert plumbers who can carry out every aspect of your bathroom plumbing services. If you’re looking to repair your existing plumbing sets or you want to install new ones, we are capable of getting that done for you.


Enjoy the best bathroom plumbing renovation experience with us, we’re just a call away.

Electrical Work

This is the most crucial part of bathroom renovation. If you experience any damage in your bathroom electrical setup, get in touch with us right away to take care of it. It is well known that water is a conductor of electricity, as such, it is important that any electrical leakage be taken care of in no time.

Plan Ahead

Decide how big this project should be. Will you be replacing walls, floor and ceiling? Do you want to keep something, like the cast iron bath?  Or should all fittings be replaced?  Which services — electrical, plumbing, ventilation will have to be moved? If you have answered no to most of these questions you could get the work done for less than $10,000, making this a partial renovation.

 Select a Style

Broadly speaking, do you want a bathroom design for a villa, modern design, a design that features natural materials, funky fittings or one with a real wow factor. It’s time to check out magazines or bathroom ideas online – or we can show you a catalogue of styles to help hone in your tastes.

Choose Materials

If you are going for standard cabinetry, tiles and fittings, this can be straightforward with a few visits to different retailers but please take advantage of our experience on the wide selection of the best and most durable materials for your project.

Create a Budget

Think about the reason for renovating and what is necessary to achieve that. Don’t make the mistake of putting together a wish list and ploughing ahead without adding everything up. Seeing the cost of the items you have selected for purchase, then factoring in services like plumbing and electrics will give you some idea of where your budget will land, and what your priorities might be.

Get The Best In The Business

The next step is to contact a company with expertise in this area who can provide accurate assessments of the trade costs involved, as well as trade purchasing benefits to get a more accurate project cost. Then you will want to hire someone who can do the work and manage the project for you, ensuring you enjoy smooth progress from start to finish. May we recommend Bathroom Craft?


Bathroom Renovation Cost

What is the Cost of Bathroom Renovation in Auckland?



We have different levels of bathroom renovations available which are designed to suit all our customers depending on your budget. 

These range from entry-level, basic through to exquisite, elegant, luxury Bathroom Renovations. Each package comes with different offers but the generic thing about all is that they offer a great result with an attractive, quality finish. The price range starts from $10,000. We give custom quotes to our customers depending on their choice of work and level of budget.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your bathroom renovation with our no-obligation hassle-free quote to see how we can turn those ideas into reality.

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