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What is Bathroom Renovation?

Bathroom renovation is the process by which basic but technical repairs are done to a bathroom to satisfy owners’ present and future needs. Virtually everyone wants a bathroom that reflects who they are, what their choice of design is and at the same time offers them the comfort they desire. Bathrooms all have the same basic function, in that they’re the place to cater for all our hygienic needs.

At Bathroom Craft, we know how important hygiene is to living a healthy life and that’s why we’re committed to offering classic bathroom renovation services in Auckland. We can blend your personal design taste with incredible ideas to give you a bathroom renovation that’ll perfectly match your lifestyle.   

Renovating your bathroom in Auckland shouldn’t be a stressful process for you. At Bathroom Craft we are trusted professional and Bathrooms are all we do. With 27 years’ experience in Bathrooms we have seen it all so you can be assured of excellence and quality with your Bathroom renovation.

When and why you should I do a Bathroom Renovation

The question “when and why should we renovate our bathroom?” is a very common question among homeowners. Remodeling or renovating your bathroom depends basically on your personal choice, though there are signs that can show your bathroom is due for remodeling. If you’re experiencing cracks or leakages on the wall of your bathroom or it happens that some of the items in your bathroom are dilapidated, definitely you know it’s time for bathroom renovation. Also, it’s possible your old bathroom doesn’t suit your design taste again and you want to consider something modern, refreshing and classic, then it’s time to focus on a bathroom renovation or remodeling.

At Bathroom Craft, we don’t just renovate your bathroom, we ensure to leave you with a remarkable and outstanding experience. Right from the home inspection process to the final renovation process, we are on hand always to guide you through your Bathroom Renovation to give you the best experience and end result.

Basic Bathroom Renovations and Designs

Bathroom renovations are quite enormous, a complete overhaul of your old bathroom would definitely give you the best experience. Our experts are the best to perform these tasks for you. Some of the basic tasks in bathroom renovation are:

Interior Design

This basically has to do with the outlook or appearance of your bathroom. Interior design as a part of bathroom renovation process is the perfect way to give your bathroom that fantastic appearance you envisage. Here is where you have the flexibility of giving us your design ideas or taste which we’ll work with to create something special.

We can give your bathroom that incredible and elegant interior design that’ll perfectly depict your style. Not only do we give you a gorgeous bathroom interior design, we also renovate to make your bathroom feel comfortable for you.

Some other Bathroom components to consider  


The common choice of bathroom flooring is tiles, this is because it is waterproof.

Floor tiles come in various designs, textures and quality. At Bathroom Craft, we can help you with the selection of the best and suitable products for your bathroom.


At Bathroom Craft, we have expert plumbers who can carry out every detail of your bathroom plumbing services in a superb way. If you’re looking to repair your existing plumbing sets or you want to install new ones, we are capable of getting that done for you.

Enjoy the best bathroom plumbing renovation experience with us, we’re just a call away.

Electrical Work

This is one the most crucial parts of your bathroom renovation. If you experience any damage in your bathroom electrical setup, get in touch with us right away to take care of it. It is well known that water is a conductor of electricity, as such, it is important to ensure any electrical connections are not compromised.  

Bathroom Renovation Guide and Ideas

If you’re considering bathroom renovations, it’s important you put some things into consideration before hiring an expert company to execute the project for you. Here is a bathroom renovation guide that’ll help you achieve a successful renovation project.

  1. Plan Ahead

Before considering bathroom renovations, the first thing you should do is, plan ahead. Think of how you can achieve your taste desire without breaking the bank. Planning ahead is very important, not only in bathroom renovation, but in all projects to be done.   

  1. Create a Budget

Think about the reason for renovating, access what is necessary to be done in your bathroom and create in your head a picture of want you want. All these are what we do in our inspection process, you’ll get all this done by us.

Creating a budget would be quite easy for you if only you get all these done. Once you know what you want, you’ll be able to select what you think is a budget-friendly option for you.   

  1. Select your Favorite Design

Think of the design you want in your new bathroom. If you want a classic, contemporary or modern design, pen that down. It’s possible you’re struggling with regards to the design to go for. If that’s you then we can show you various designs available and we can even recommend one for you if you care.  

  1. Choose Materials

This might be challenging as you’re not expert in the field. You might not be quite familiar with quality and long-lasting materials, but this is why we are available for you. We can help you with the wide selection of the best materials for your project.  

  1. Get Started

The next step is to finally hire an expert company to carry out the project for you. If you’re looking to hire the best bathroom renovator in Auckland, there is no other place to consider than Bathroom Craft.

What is the Cost of Bathroom Renovation Auckland?

We have different levels of bathroom refurbishment designed to suit all our customers. These levels are basic to moderate level and luxury. Each package comes with different offers but the generic thing about all is that they all result to an attractive, quality finish.

Also, we give custom offers to our customers depending on their choice of work and level of budget. Get in touch with us today to discuss your bathroom renovation work and see how we can bring that Bathroom Renovation to life.  

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