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General Overview of Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation can be regarded as the process of remodeling the bathroom of a home to suit owners’ present and future needs. It is often considered as one of the most technical aspect of home renovation. Bathroom, as it is known, is a place of hygiene. It is a place where we cater for our hygienic needs which implies it is one of the most crucial part of the home.

There are many reasons that can warrant bathroom renovation or remodeling. It is a common idea to consider bathroom renovation when old bathrooms are getting dilapidated. Often time, the common signs that shows a bathroom is due for renovation are cracks, leakages, electrical faults, damaged amenities, bad flooring, among others. Also, it’s possible you get tired of seeing your old-fashion bathroom design and want to consider something modern and fashionable, a standard bathroom renovation would do it all. This is exactly what we offer at Bathroom Craft.

Bathroom renovation can be a complete overhaul or partial fixing of the bathroom. Partial fixing is done to repair only target areas of the bathroom while complete overhauling has to do with renovating or remodeling the entire bathroom.

At Bathroom Craft, bathroom renovation is what we’re best known for. We can give your bathroom a modern contemporary design, with superb furnishing that’ll earn your bathroom a luxurious appearance.

Why Choose Our $15-20k Bathroom Renovation Service

Bathroom renovation happens to be one of the most expensive home renovation services. The complete overhauling of an existing bathroom requires quite a number of steps. Our bathroom renovation package is certainly a customized package that comes with lots of amazing offers. The question “why should I choose this package for my bathroom renovation service” might definitely be running through your mind. Here are the important reasons why you should consider this package:

Full Service

Our bathroom renovation $15-20k package is a full-service package that covers every remodeling activities associated with bathroom renovation. Right from bathroom inspection to final renovation work, you’ll enjoy amazing service experience.  

Consultation & Inspection

This package comes with the option of free consultation and inspection. The consultation entails showing you the best available modern and creative bathroom designs from which you can select your favorite. Also, you’ll be guided through the selection of the best materials for your bathroom renovation.  


Not only does this package offer an easy, smooth and stress-free bathroom renovation process, it also promises to leave your bathroom with that luxurious look. Our bathroom renovation  package promises to transform your bathroom into your dream bathroom with our unique range of bathroom accessories along with great bathroom design.

After-Service Monitoring

After the completion of the renovation service, we take it as our priority to inspect your bathroom from time to time just as you need us to. We do take it up on ourselves to check how the bathroom accessories we installed are doing. All these among others are what you’ll enjoy if you consider our $15-20k renovation package.

What to Expect from Our $15-20k Bathroom Renovation


At Bathroom Craft, we carry out our services with full transparency. We always make sure our clients enjoy every bit of their bathroom renovation process. Right from the materials and design selection up to the project execution process, you’ll be regularly updated to know the state of your project.  

Quality backed workmanship  

Our top notch professionals would be allocated to execute your renovation project. If you consider our $15-20k bathroom renovation service, we’ll make sure the best hands execute your project with proper monitoring and strategy. You can expect efficiency, expertise and quality in your bathroom renovation project if you consider this package.

Quality Service

Quality is what every homeowner should look out for when considering any home renovation project. This bathroom renovation package offers quality bathroom remodeling with good and modern accessories. Bathroom Craft offers nothing but the best, we want to bring a smile to every customers face and help them have a memorable experience with complete satisfaction.

Basic Bathroom Renovation Works to Expect from our $15-20k Package

Bathroom renovation is a general contracting service that encompasses different activities. In our $15-20k bathroom renovation package, here are some of the numerous renovation works to expect.

Plumbing Work

The old plumbing sets of your bathroom would be inspected to determine their level of dilapidation. We can fix the damaged part or totally replace the old plumbing accessories with new, modern ones, depending on your choice. Our professional licensed plumbers are assigned the duty of carrying out the inspection and renovation work in this area.


Electrical Service

This package also covers total replacement of your old electrical fittings and wiring if necessary. During inspection, if your bathroom electrical work is seen to be intact and does not need replacement, that’ll result in reduction of supposed renovation price. Our certified technicians are obliged with the duty of care inspecting your bathroom electrical work and renovation.

Design Overhauling

Our bathroom renovation package comes with the option of selecting the design of your choice. If you have an idea of how you want your bathroom to appear after renovation, we can take up your idea and blend it with our creativity to give you amazing bathroom design. Our design promises to give your bathroom that gorgeous and luxury look.


If the floor of your bathroom also needs to be renovated, then this package is just perfect for you. This package is designed to cater for the replacement of the old flooring of your bathroom with new. Modern, quality and fashionable floor tiles would be installed to suit your taste.

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