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Start and end your day in utmost style and comfort with the luxury bathroom of your dreams. With over 30 years of experience, Bathroom Craft will lead the way in designing and renovating your bathroom, turning it into your personal sanctuary.

Luxury Bathroom AucklandChoose Bathroom Craft for Your Luxury Bathroom

Bathroom Craft has nearly 30 years of bathroom creativity to draw on. Our team knows the past, present and future of bathroom design.

We know what works, what is expected, what is fashionable (or already going out of fashion), what is truly innovative and what elements can be combined to create a genuinely sensational luxury bathroom.

Why a Luxury  Bathroom?

Whether you’re showering, getting ready for the day, or taking a well-earned break in the bathtub, a luxury bathroom will provide the space and comfort needed to tune out the world and relax in absolute comfort.

We’re not talking about just adding a fabulous bathtub or expensive shower. At Bathroom Craft, we believe that a luxury bathroom brings together a number of features and little touches in one brilliant design that gives an entire experience of luxury.

A luxury bathroom delivers on style and is exceptional; it is unquestionably greater than the sum of its parts

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Turning Bathroom Renovation Ideas into Reality

Whether your ideas are fully evolved or are just sparking into life, the team at Bathroom Craft are experts at coaxing them along and turning them into practical designs. Our luxury bathrooms deliver an experience that delights the senses, using the most creative concepts, the finest materials and the most innovative technology.

Our Luxury Bathroom Renovation Process

An exceptional luxury bathroom offers a series of experiences that continually stimulates and delights the senses – and the creative process that produces such bathrooms should be as stimulating, engaging and satisfying.

Right from inspection to conception, from material selection to project execution, we make sure we provide the best possible bathroom design experience. You can expect the following from us and more.

1. Inspect 

Before setting a budget and deciding on a design, your team at Bathroom Craft will thoroughly inspect your current bathroom. Taking note of the state and whereabouts of current plumbing, electrical, fixtures, and overall state of your bathroom will save you from any unexpected surprises further down the line.

2. Design

Our goal is to create a luxury bathroom you’ll love for years to come, that fits into your life and has the WOW factor. Work with an interior designer who has an eye for crafting unique and luxurious bathroom designs. Your luxury bathroom will look like it came straight out of a high-end magazine, with your own personal touches.

3. Renovate

Your bathroom renovation process doesn’t have to be a burden with the right team leading the way. At Bathroom Craft, we believe renovating should be exciting yet tick along smoothly without you even knowing it’s happening. We have a team of contractors and designers we know will go above and beyond.

4. Keep in touch

Your luxury bathroom renovation doesn’t end when the final touches are put into place. We’ll do a final inspection and a follow up to ensure your bathroom exceeds your expectations. If you need any adjustments, recertifications or touch-ups, we’re only a call away.

Top Luxury Modern Bathroom Design

Luxury BathroomWith Bathroom Craft at your side, you’ll go on a journey of design ideas before honing in on the features that combine to create your ultimate luxury bathroom. Turning customers’ creativity into design reality with a WOW factor is what we do best at Bathroom Craft.

Our bathroom renovation experts love the challenge of going beyond their own best work and exceeding their client’s expectations. They will not rest until they have delivered something truly exceptional every step of the way.

Luxury Tiles 

Luxury TilesOne of our favourite ways to add a touch of luxury to a bathroom is with unique and quality tiles. With a touch of creativity, tiles can turn an ordinary bathroom into a work of art. Remember, tiles aren’t just for the floor either. Your tile expert can incorporate tiles on walls to make small spaces look larger, draw eyes to a particular bathroom area, or add a bold touch.


Rain Showers & Luxury Showers 

Luxury Bathroom

There’s nothing better than stepping into an amazing shower and letting the perfectly hot water cleanse you from head to toe. Yet, a luxury shower is much more than that. It’s beautiful aesthetics, flawless functions, touches of zen, and elegant lines. We’ll help you choose a shower that exudes luxury and enhances the overall design of your bathroom.


Create Your Personal Paradise & Spa

 Luxury BathroomInstalling a luxury shower or oversized tub into your bathroom, along with beautiful design elements and perfect touches of soft lighting will turn your bathroom into a paradise. Steam showers are also becoming a popular choice in luxury bathrooms. They can even be installed with lighting, music and aromas to recreate a spa light experience every time you step in.


Luxury Bathroom Fixtures 

Bathroom Renovations Auckland

Whether you want them to or not, fixtures such as vanities, bathtubs and toilets end up as the focal point and most used item in a bathroom. By investing in a high-quality, high functioning and good looking fixtures, you can enhance your bathroom design.

Innovative Luxury Bathrooms 

Luxury BathroomYour bathroom design experts will use innovative technology to boost the look and feel of your luxury bathroom.

Everything from anti-fog mirrors and Bluetooth technology to smart toilets and automatic taps can help to create a space that’s high-functioning and looks and feels great.

The options are endless, and we’re here to help you choose which ones make sense for your luxury bathroom.

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If you’re ready to start and finish your day in pure comfort and luxury, there’s no better way than with a hand-crafted and designed-for-you luxury bathroom.

Schedule your free consultation, and we’ll chat through all the steps of creating your dream luxury modern bathroom. With over 30 years of experience, there’s no better team than Bathroom Craft.

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