Top Modern Bathroom Ideas to Up Your Bathroom Renovation Game

Modern Bathroom Ideas For Your Bathroom Renovation


Modern Bathroom AucklandIt’s time to say goodbye to bathroom designs we’re not in love with. Bathrooms should be a place that are serene, clear your mind, and allow you to relax and unwind from a big day. With more and more people looking for bathroom renovations, a new wave of comfortable, clean and beautiful modern bathrooms are making an appearance.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your unwelcoming bathroom, check out our top 8 bathroom renovation ideas below and create a modern bathroom you’ll be loving for years to come.

Add a fantastic bathtub to your bathroom design

It’s important to create a space that’s comfortable and refreshing, and there’s hardly anything more relaxing than cosying up in a stunning bathtub. It’s time to forget the shower/tub combo and instead start investing in high-quality bathtubs that you want to spend time in.

While bathtubs took a back seat in the past ten years, modern bathrooms are seeing a resurgence in alluring tubs. All shapes and sizes are available, making it easy to find a bathtub that fits in well with your design.

Key points to consider:

  • Don’t be shy with colour
  • Consider putting unique tiles or a bed of pebbles under the bathtub
  • Use dim lighting around the bathtub
  • Consider a free-standing bathtub for small spaces


    Add bold touches to your bathroom renovation

    Modern Bathroom Ideas

While most modern bathrooms focus on minimalism, that does not have to mean boring. By adding a bold touch or two, you can take a simple bathroom and give it that much-needed love. Think an oversized mirror, a fantastic piece of art or a bright colour dotted around the bathroom.

It’s also good to think of bold touches as your way to incorporate personality into your bathroom. By choosing art or amenities that speak to you, you’ll add depth to your bathroom that’s unique to you.

Key points to consider:

  • Ensure your bold touches match the overall character of your bathroom
  • Use bright accents with a single shade to enhance your modern bathroom
  • Consider unique geometric shapes
  • A textured piece of art can add depth to a small space
  • Bring your personality into your bathroom with art that means something to you

Add value with a modern bathroom tiles design

Tiled Bathroom Auckland Value for money, adding tiles to your bathroom can be the biggest bang for your buck. With an array of designs, colours and materials to choose from, you can go as crazy or conservative as you’d like.

The most common mistake is thinking of tiles as only belonging on the floor. By bringing tiles up on the walls, you can create unique backdrops for toilets or bathtubs, add hints of colour, and give a touch of luxury to otherwise simple bathrooms.

Plus, as tiles are relatively easy to replace, don’t feel like you’ll be stuck with the same tiles for years to come. If you get bored of the design or want to give your bathroom a new refresh, simply switch out the old for new.

Key points to consider:

  • Tiles aren’t limited to the floor; place them on the walls for extra elegance
  • Don’t be afraid to mix up the style and colour of tiles
  • If you’re renovating a bathroom that’s used a lot, ensure the tiles are durable
  • Use tiles to bring hints of colour into your bathroom

Choose a unique toilet for your luxury bathroom

The classic toilet. While it’s easy to succumb to the fact that toilets are a necessary and boring part of a bathroom, many modern bathrooms contradict this trend with fun and unique toilets. It’s possible to find toilets that hardly even look like a toilet and actually add to your bathroom aesthetic rather than take away from it.

Key points to consider:

  • Have fun with it; toilets don’t need to be a boring mandatory amenity in your bathroom
  • Think outside the box, even if you aren’t replacing your toilet, adding a backdrop to your toilet can add much-needed character
  • Free up space with an attached wall toilet
  • Consider unique toilet paper holders to give character to your bathroom

Add plants to your modern bathroom

Like all areas of a modern home, adding plants adds pleasing aesthetics and has plenty of health benefits. They’ll purify the air, add a pleasant fragrance, create a calm space and add a much-needed touch of nature to the indoors. Even if you don’t consider yourself to have a green thumb, there are plenty of low maintenance options to choose from.

Key points to consider:

  • Choose low maintenance plants like succulents
  • Fresh flowers make bathrooms feel welcoming and less sterile
  • Wall-mounted planters can add elegance without taking up space
  • Go as big as you want, there’s no limit to the amount of greenery you can add to your bathroom

Choose smart small bathroom design ideas

small bathroom designsJust because you’re working with a small space doesn’t mean you can’t create a vibrant modern bathroom. By making smart choices with your colours, layout and amenities, you can have a modern bathroom that feels spacious. There are many tricks of the trade to make great use of a small space, so take the time to plan out your design and remember, less is more.

Key points to consider:

  • Choose a floating vanity and toilet to free up floor space
  • Contrasting colours can separate spaces without needing walls or dividers
  • Warm greys and browns will help enlarge the area, while bright colours can make it feel crowded
  • Look for dual-purpose amenities, a chic mirror that also includes storage

Use warm colours in your modern bathroom

It’s truly amazing what colour can do to a bathroom. By choosing warm tones and nature-inspired accents, you’ll bring a much-needed sense of calmness into your bathroom. Many modern features use wood or stone as materials or convincing lookalikes to give the same aesthetic without the price tag. Even small touches of browns, greys, deep greens and blues can make a significant impact on the feel of your bathroom.

Key points to consider:

  • Use nature as inspiration, especially shades of grey and brown
  • Wood panels and wood features can add warmth to an otherwise conventional bathroom
  • Consider perimeter lighting to give your bathroom a sense of natural light
  • Don’t be afraid of exposed wood and stone

Simplify your modern bathroom to reduce bathroom renovations costs

Contrary to popular belief, a modern bathroom doesn’t have to be packed with one-of-a-kind features and expensive products. By choosing a minimalist approach, you can create a bathroom free of clutter and make it a space you enjoy being in. Focus on function and simplicity and forget the fluff.

Key points to consider:

  • Less is more when it comes to decorative elements, choose only a few that speak to you
  • Ensure there is adequate space for storage
  • Don’t feel like you have to fill empty spaces
  • Choose one main colour and no more than one or two accent colours

Ready? Start your bathroom renovation today!

Hopefully, the list above inspired you to start thinking about how you’ll add hints of comfort and luxury to your bathroom. If you’re ready to chat with a professional, get in touch with Bathroom Craft today, and they’ll walk you through all the steps of creating your dream modern bathroom.


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